Maxime Michelet

Maxime Michelet is a photographer born in 1994 in the South-West of France.

He is self-taught and uses tools of staged photography in order to tackle documentary-worthy topics that are rooted in our territories, out family identities as well as our socio-geographical and political environments.

His work has been exhibited in France, South Africa and the Netherlands - and published in both physical and online media.

Michelet is one of the laureates of Agence VU’s mentorship program in 2022.

Maxime Michelet builds photographic scenes as a quest of documentary realism.

Collaborating with models that play their own roles, including borrowed or found objects, he elaborates precise assemblages that remain open to improvisation.

Composed this way, his pictures invite a tender and mundane, sometimes ironic, symbolism that allow the viewer to criticise the real world via themes as diverse as mobilities, colonialism, family, masculinity…

maximemichelet (at)

Mes sœurs et mes frères - Rotterdam Photo, 2023
Mes sœurs et mes frères - galerie VU, Paris, 2022
Les fêtes occitanes et leurs hybridations - musée agathois, Adge, 2022
sudouest·s - galerie Montesquieu, Agen, 2022
Nature - galerie génerale, Agen, 2021
Queer Heavenly Bodies - festival l’Image Satellite, Nice, 2020
Queer Heavenly Bodies - galerie Bkhz, Johannesburg, 2019
Thank God I’m Queer - Fondation Heinrich-Böll, Le Cap, 2017
Mentorat photographique - Agence VU et Fonds Régnier pour la Création - 2021-2022