Hi Mum,
I am in Detroit and I realise I haven’t sent you any postcard.
People don’t really care about postcards these days but I figured you’d appreciate.
A little bit like people don’t care about Detroit, and when they do, it’s always to talk bad about it.
Come on Mum, you know exactly what I’m referring to. 
People say that Detroit is abandoned, and dangerous, and grey, and cold and rusty.
It’s almost like they’ve been to Detroit. 
But we both know that, people, they don’t bother going to Detroit.
People they don’t go to Detroit so no one gets postcards from Detroit.
And it’s a pity Mum, cuz postcards are nice and Detroit it’s nice !
Like I said, I figured you’d appreciate to see what Detroit looks like.
So here’s my postcard.

It’s a little house.

And because I know you like little houses I got you another one.
Not another house Mum.
Another postcard.

I actually couldn’t pick one, so I got too many, and because I figured you’d like postcards...
Well, here they are

So here’s another little house.

It does need a good dusting.

And here’s a mansion !

And here’s a castle !

And another one !

And a prince !

And a princess !

And a golden horse !

And the church where they got married !

And the car factory where the prince used to work before he got laid off because humans are so easily replaceable by cheaper humans and by robots too.

And the last cup of tea they had before they god evicted 

And their favourite restaurant before it closed down because everyone moved to the suburbs

And the people that moved to the suburbs because the city became too dark in their opinion

You know Mum, Detroit is a blue-collar and a Black city. 

And that’s why it got fucked over so many times

Ran over by a pale-faced capitalism

You know Mum, for years, and to this day, Detroit has suffered many losses.
People leaving.
People dying.
In the hands of gang violence.
In the hands of the police.
In the hands of abandonment.

It’s undeniable.
There’s a lot of things that are abandoned in Detroit.
Relics of a glorious past.

But it’s not right to say that Detroit and its people are abandoned. 

You know Mum, Detroiters have been given so much shit that they don’t take none.

Excuse the rhyme, but Detroiters have no time for their detractors.

They have bigger fish to fry.

Someone has to rebuild the city.

Someone has to get that shit done.

And fuck whoever looks down on them.

Cuz they aim high 

Cuz they’re proud of who they are

Cuz they know where they come from

Cuz they’re hustlers


with swagger

Yes, Mum, swagger

You know Mum, like their buildings, Detroiters are grand,





And for them, the tide is turning

and the winds are changing.

The windows will be replaced,

the cracks will be filled,

the gaps will be bridged,

and water will flow,

and light will turn back on.

A fresh haircut

A blank page

Restored faith


and young

breaking the ceiling.

I’m telling you Mum, Detroit is on the come up.

It’s happening. 

And it’s exciting.

It’s a new dawn.

It’s a new day.

It’s a new D.

P.D.: love you Mum