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Cape T-own

They say Cape Town was founded by the Dutch.
The Dutch, on their way to the East Indies to shop for spices, needed a refreshment station.
On the most southern coasts of Africa, the Dutch saw a gorgeous mountain shaped like a table. The Dutch decided to take a seat at the mountain. I mean at the table.
Take a sip.

Thus was born the colony of the Cape of Good Hope.
A shore splashed by transoceanic influences.
A place that soon gained fame from its scents, flavors, fabrics and spirits.
The click of the tongue, the smoke of the dagga. The Khoikhoi. The San.
The fold of the batik, the dome of the kramat. The Malay. The Indonesian.
The Indian spice. Have some soup.
The French wine. Take a sip.
The Dutch boat. The Dutch gun.
Tie this diverse bundle with rope.
Tie it up like the slave that you grope.
Thus was built the colony of the Cape of Good Hope.

A lesser-known slave society that undoubtedly paved the way for apartheid South Africa.
Cheers. Cheers to what? Well I'm not sure, cuz South Africans say "cheers" as in "goodbye".
So cheers. Goodbye slavery. Goodbye apartheid.
Hello democracy. Welcome one of our world's most segregated city. Equal rights, different roofs.

But let's not talk about inequalities and divisive topics. Cape Town doesn't need bad publicity.
Cape Town needs visitor's money, Cape Town is the heart of the party.

Take a sip.
And another sip.
Aaand anooootheeer siiiiiiip.
Like I did.
Eish my bru. If you only knew how drunk Cape Town got me.
Alcohol is no divisive shit. It unites people.
And quart after quart, shot after shot, glass after glass, I think I got to seize the importance liquor has.
Every community you may find around town prides itself for having the best, not to say heaviest, drinkers.
Their party know-how is tested at every occasion.
A braai that often involves very little meat.
An after-church family gathering.
A Tuesday in. A Friday out.
Payday. Yes, payday…

But not only did I get drunk on alcohol -cuz now you're probably thinking Capetonians are crazy alcoholics and this is bad publicity too- but I also got drunk on all that the city has to offer. You can't be moderate in Cape Town.
Got drunk on that wind that could rip your scalp off.
Got drunk on that ocean that reminds you Antarctica is far but not too far.
Got drunk on that traffic that makes you curse the taxi you're not in for doing its job.
Got drunk on that traffic that makes you bless the taxi you're in for doing its job.
Got drunk on the nice views.
Got drunk on the good and bad news.
Got drunk on the people who are too warm to be called cold.
And truth be told, props to them all, the young, the drunk, the old, Cape T-own is just bold.

Take a sip.
Cheers to that.

Yes, Cape Town is bold.

Bold like boulders.

Bold like the mountains you cannot not see.

Even from afar, far at sea.

Even at KFC.

The lion

The table

The devil

Oh the nature in Cape Town is mind-blowing, eye-defying.
The mountains, the flowers, the beaches.
I mean it’s Africa.
Wild wide wildlife.

I caught some rare species:

 a jellyfish,

a rabbit,

an elf,

a bird,

three birds,

strange birds.

And to protect yourself from these wild animals, it is customary to build forts,

to put up layers and layers of fences,

to throw yourself in simple, double,  thousand-layered cages.

Who’s the animal now ?

But don’t worry about crime. Really.
As long as “you’re aware of your surrondings”, you’ll be fine.
Fine like Cape Town.
Beautiful Cape Town.

Oh I’ve seen beautiful things in Cape Town.
Mother nature’s elements in their most outstanding shape.





And light

So much light

A photographer’s dream

From the haze

To the daze

Street light

Tunnel vision


Kids illusion



The last light.

And. And.
And I’ve seen colours in Cape Town.
So many colours
Such a colourful place.

The misty blue

The smoky pink

The shallow yellow

The handy orange

The white symbol

White conquest

White idol

White wars

Black symptoms

Black struggle

Black idols

Black kids,
white idols

White weapons

Black targets

White money,
Black market

White flesh,
Black passion

Pink flesh,
Blue ocean

White leisure

Sky blue

White standards

Sad truth

White wedding,
Black sheep.

White comfort

White structures

White living

Black streets

Dark silhouettes

Yellow squares

Silver frames

Green trails

Red warning

Shamelessly patronizing

Grey trains

White bus stops

White buses

White taxis

But always

Yes always

Brown crowds

Long-distance commuters

Piled up in wheeled boxes




Guardians of the masses

Never too late

for the hurry.

Orange jackets

Yellow vests

Black jobs. No rest.

Concrete irony

for the “good nigger”.

Gotta stretch your morals,

gotta tie up your shoes,

to keep it together.

Close together.

Like the Rainbow Nation

From elders

to children.

And a lot of love

Yes love

Supportive parents

for freedom born children.

Kids of the Cape

Cape of Good Hope

Hope and education

Breaking the glass ceiling

Heroes in the making

Victoriously leaping into the air

Jabulani my friend.
Winds of change are blowing.

Don’t doubt Cape Town

When in doubt,
Out of frustration,
Do what you do best.

Make your voice loud.

Stay bold

Bold at work

Bold back home

Bold in bed

Bold like chrome

Bold like the strategy of these healer deons.

Bold like Cape Town.
Black, Coloured, White. Good people only.
Bold like Capetonians.
Bold like their story.


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