I photograph the lone objects abandoned on the concrete;
the people left there, left behind, too left-brained to look involved, staring blankly at that ceiling no one ever paid for.
I photograph the bare soul of mineral, the tall building in the crowded city, the high-top tree of nature. unfounded distinction.

I am alone behind my camera, yet, by the untethered loners accompanied.
By the people, my people, as lonely as I am.
By the objects, not my objects, that once were my people’s objects, lent to my lens for my eye is as lonely as I am.

To the building and the high-top tree, I look up as though to god when yearning for company.

My practice of photography is lonely.
I see the lonely and together in loneliness : I shoot.

My name in photography is Maxi. Maxime Michelet.
Together in photography : I shoot up.

contact : maximemichelet@live.fr
 also on instagram.

media coverage and exhibitions
11.09.2017 | ´Thank God I'm Queer' exhibition/project launch | Heinrich Böll Stiftung | Cape Town, South Africa
17.11.2017 | article in 10and5.com (South African art magazine) about “cape t-own” | link
13.02.2019 | article in Dazed and Confused about my contribution to South Africa’s fashion and art zine Faculty Press | link
13.05.2019 | project feature and article in Faculty Press | link
21.05.2019 | photography featured on Vogue US in article about Thebe Magugu’s Faculty Press | link
20.07.2019 | Metamorphosis collective exhbition | Bkhz gallery | Johannesburg, South Africa
30.07.2019 | article about Metamorphosis exhibition on Bubblegumclub’s webpage | link

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