Najeary is from Jamaica.
Jamaica is sadly known for being one of the most homophobic countries of our world. Killing its batty boys. Throwing its queens to the gully. Enforcing laws against buggery.
Jamaica is also known for being a very religious country. Where priests and pastors are influential leaders to the community. Like Najeary’s dad. Who is a pastor.

Najeary respects his father’s role although it compelled him to suppress the very idea of being openly gay. 
Najeary loves his island. This tropical gem he felt forced to leave after 23 years.
 23 years with a lid over his true self.
Cause in Jamaica. His beloved place. Najeary has always felt out of place.

And it’s hard for people to understand why Najeary left. Cause Najeary’s life in Jamaica was full of privileges. A strong and tight family. Respect from the community. A valuable network. Friends. Sweet existence. At least on the surface.

On the surface, no one could see that Najeary had one desire. A strong and ruthless desire. For an authentic life. For the finding of his true self.
And meeting, and dating, and breathing the same air as other gay men and gay women. This. This would turn such a desire into a reality, wouldn’t it?

Then two things would be on the surface. Two things that don’t go together.
Because in Jamaica. When you’re a man. Loving God and loving another man doesn’t quite go together.

This is when Najeary went through dark times. And it’s always darker behind the surface. Najeary felt stifled. Coming out to the surface meant danger. Living and loving the way he would. The only way he could. It undoubtedly meant being harmed.
Why would he surrender his body to hatred when all he wanted was to save it for love?
Running out of air. Najeary broke out of the surface.
Cause for many gay people. That coming-of-age story is not about coming out. It’s about breaking free.

2014. Najeary has left Jamaica, which yet remains to visit.
2014. 2015. 2016. New York City has offered Najeary a new life. Something Najeary is fearlessly taking. One step at a time.
Working for a home. Living on his own. Loving freely. Singing truly. Being.
And it’s a blessing.
To just be able to be.

No surface. No fear. No nothing. Being. And being happy.

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