And this is Kedibone.
Kedibone who is cisgender, who is a woman, who is a lesbian, who is 20, no specific order, just a mischievous gaze and a place to claim.

Kedibone that you could easily call African for she is proud and Black, and proud to be Black in a country called South Africa, where being African means way more than just being born on the African continent.

As an African woman, Kedibone shall always bear in mind honor. That of her ancestors. And if she was to ever forget it, the latter consistently recall her what is her duty, their honor. This, by calling her.
Kedibone has received a calling. The calling. She is to become a sangoma, a traditional healer. She has been chosen by her ancestors to be a messenger. She gets premonitory dreams and visions on the regular. And when she turns off her television, some news are broadcast on her own channels, foreseeing future.
Most people know that you should not ignore your calling. And if you do, bad things are going to happen to you. Kedibone knows that her father did ignored his, and it might be the reason why he passed it on to her.
Those who are not in the know of Kedibone’s bloodline sometimes do know about her. That one time, in a taxi, when a mysterious man gave her a coin, she knew it meant something.
And that other time, when out of nowhere, a man yelled at her that she would never get a man, she knew all things come for a reason.

Kedibone that you could easily call un-African for she is proud and a lesbian, and proud to be a lesbian in a country called South Africa, where being a lesbian exposes you to several threats. In the first place, being called unnatural, un-African, unworthy of her roots.

But Kedibone does not buy into this. She is not afraid of who she is and was never unsure of who she loved. As a matter of fact, LGBTI identities do not contradict traditional beliefs. The same way her ancestors chose her to be a sangoma, they unquestionably made her a lesbian.
And it’s funny because there are so many gay or lesbian sangomas around. It’s always existed. Everybody knows it.
Would there even be a link between both identities?
Kedibone doesn’t know.
But what she knows is that African tradition defines two great spirits that all humans may refer to. There is Gogo, who is female, and Khulu, who is male.
Being predominantly influenced by one makes you seek people predominantly influenced by the other.

Kedibone that you could easily call out for being unapologetically proud of her ancestry, her sexuality, her skin tone, her body. She has left most incentives to guilt and self-hatred aside, or behind. She indeed used to go to church with her mother. She remembers the priest’s sermons about Sodom and Gomorrah. She remembers they say homosexuality is a sin. She remembers the day when she left church, after another homophobic rant at the altar. She remembers it as a point of no-return.

Christianity does not give a chance to LGBTI people. Churches are like police stations or hospitals. For LGBTI people, they are places you should run to in order to be safe. Yet, like police stations and hospitals, for LGBTI people, churches are places or particular threat and discomfort.

It seems like everybody claims Kedibone. Telling her what to do, who to believe, how she’s guilty. But unlike everybody, Kedibone is who she claims to be.

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