I photograph the lone objects abandoned on the concrete; the people left there, left behind, too left-brained to look involved, staring blankly at that ceiling no one ever paid for. I photograph the bare soul of mineral, the tall building in the crowded city, the high-top tree of nature. unfounded distinction.

I am alone behind my camera, yet, by the untethered loners accompanied. By the people, my people, as lonely as I am. By the objects, not my objects, that once were my people’s objects, lent to my lens for my eye is as lonely as I am.

To the building and the high-top tree, I look up as though to god when yearning for company. My practice of photography is lonely. I see the lonely and together in loneliness: I shoot. My name in photography is Maxime Michelet. Together in photography: I shoot up.

Contact: maximemichelet[at]live.fr
Instagram: @maxime.michelet


11.09.2017        “Thank God I'm Queer” exhibition/project launch, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Cape Town, South Africa
20.07.2019        Metamorphosis collective exhbition, Bkhz gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
29.09.2020      “Queer Heavenly Bodies” exhibition, part of L’Image Satellite photo festival, galerie Uni-Vers-Photo, Nice, France
15.02.2020       Nature collective exhibition, Galerie Générale, Agen, France

Media coverage

   17.11.2017        cape t-own in 10and5.co
13.02.2019        queer heavenly bodies in Dazed and Confused 
13.05.2019        queer heavenly bodies in Faculty Press
21.05.2019        queer heavenly bodies in Vogue US 
30.07.2019        queer heavenly bodies in  Bubblegumclub
10.10.2020        queer heavenly bodies in Nice-Premium
30.11.2020        rayane au sud-ouest in Le Petit Bleu
30.11.2020        rayane au sud-ouest in Fisheye Magazine
19.12.2020        rayane au sud-ouest in Libération
09.01.2021        rayane au sud-ouest in cap74024
17.02.2021        nature exhibition in Le Petit Bleu
21.02.2021        nature exhibition in La Dépêche
26.03.2021       rayane au sud-ouest in Sud-Ouest